Augmented Reality is forecast to increase from $2 billion to $100 billion by 2021.

Out-of-Home signage’s expansion will grow from $14B to $18 billion over the same period.

Promoter’s patented ARcade display platform allows brands to make interactive out-of-home advertising more accessible, versatile and fun.

Promoster allows for creating, deploying and tracking of multiple AR experiences on a single OOH media display, multiplying communications value while enriching the customer experience

Seed funding is needed for MVP design/coding and field pilot, preparing a regional (beta) test market launch,  including original theme titles delivered through a partner integrated, proprietary, cooperative, automated performance reporting, interactive, cloud display signage platform.


ARcade platform components include; Client Tools, Asset Upload, Production/Testing/QA, Live/Animation Delivery, Performance Tracking & Reporting, and Account, Legal & Financial Administration.

Multiple 3D coop titles will be published across regional territories including the US, Western Europe and Asia.

Company expects to Break Even at the end of the second year of operation.

Three funding rounds are forecast over five years (pre-exit) for $4MM-$6MM, depending on market uptake and partner contributions.


Promoster’s Patent Overview is available here. Patent Smmy V.3 3.22.18.pdf

Promoster’s Funding Presentation, Business Plan, and Market Positioning & Operations Strategy are available to qualifying funding partners.

 Promoster’s Executive Summary (pdf) is available here. feefExec Sum v8 5-28-18 Joe.pdf