About Us The Poster You Do!

Promoster Arcade is a new Internet of things (IOT) consumer communications channel created through the melding of an ancient art technique, a Renaissance print medium, state of the art technology, and new brands of imagination!

Promoster Arcade is a way for organizations to message consumers, prospects and customers in a unique, economical, eco-friendly interactive experience, delivered through smartphone viewers.

There hasn’t ever been a medium like, the print that you to do! Promoster titles can raise awareness, build loyalty, distribute a discount, promote a contest, deliver a game, or help achieve  other advertiser objectives.

Our Team

Joseph Serino, Inventor, Founder

Scott Randall, Strategic Advisor

Marena Ariffin, Communications

Steve Ngo, Attorney


Poster History

Among disenfranchising town criers, posters have a storied history. Download The Evolution of the Poster to learn why poster a-do is the next phase in print's evolution.

The Print That You Do!


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