Nature of the AR Cloud

Nature of the AR Cloud

The Nuts and Bolts of Building the New Virtual Everything


Nintendo can certainly be credited with launching augmented reality into the national consciousness with Pokemon Go! a few years ago. However, 2017 was the year that AR arrived as a versatile, marketing communications medium. Apple, Google and Facebook released developer kits, AR optimized phones were announced, venture investing and knowledge sharing increased substantially, and an open source standards foundation was proposed.

AWS co-founder, principle of the SuperVentures Fund, and coiner of the term “AR Cloud”, Ori Inbar, believes that “augmented reality functionality is the real purpose of the Cloud. A new way of organizing the world’s information, with the possibility of becoming the operating system of the future.”

Like with early development of the world-wide-web (WWW) browser – which commercialized the Internet – the AR Cloud is currently in the process of creating and cobbling together design tools, software interfaces, algorithms, and connectivity solutions, to organize, format, and deliver reliable, inter-connected, highly-distributed, quick loading and broad ranging interactive smart phone and visor-assisted services.

AR Cloud Structure & Dynamics

The six-degree AR Cloud is a ubiquitously locatable, Multi-user, Interconnected, crowd-sourced, updatable digital virtual landscape and fluid information environment. It’s a Content Persistent, always on/always available digital mesh of everything virtual, with Real-Time Acquisition of physical world ‘states’ by instantly reading a scene at any scale, and comprehending through Semantic Understanding of the content. This requires computer vision ‘read-on-the-fly’ capability of 3D objects and movement, with interactive text, imagery, sound, video, and effects over-layed/inserted across diverse, independently developed virtual environment.

Matt Miesnicks, of 6D.AI, an AR development firm spun off from Oxford University’s Computer Vision Lab, adds clarifying details about the tasks of developing the AR cloud, “Content persistence requires highly accurate location coordinates, and knowing the head/eye orientation of multiple users to produce simultaneously updating views, having real world occlusion/physics while rendering scenes with models and overlays including shadowing, lighting position, and other visual cues. Real world semantic understanding requires applying AI deep learning to 3D in real time to ‘make meaning’ for the system. Cross platform support is currently very device fragmented.”

Computer vision re-location and angle scene recognition is expected to take a decade to refine. Other on-going intelligent code development projects include, face tracking, 3D object detection, multi-user inter-connectivity, haptics feedback, and primitives (human and animal forms) creation.


What the AR cloud means for brands is the best ever opportunity for bringing a product story to dimensionally animated life, but it’s going to take some doing to get there. New ‘smart’ assets, created on, and/or operating through at least one new delivery platform is the buy-in. Cost depends on the intention, objective, audience and degree of effort.
For a dedicated, brand sponsored, custom informational, promotional or storytelling effort the process can be like shooting a TV commercial, or building a website. There’s always an upfront investment in defining the best strategy and approach, especially when the effort goes past just the screen, as with an event or trade show exhibit. New media possibilities emerge continually offering brands the opportunity to experiment. It’s a matter of picking a pilot project and getting involved.

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